Building a home is a big investment and you will want to ensure that your home looks as good as possible, for as long as possible. Whilst we don’t have a crystal ball, we do want to share Waterfront Homes top tips to minimise the chances of a design dating quickly.

Avoid fads

A new item appears in stores, should it be a success its popularity sees it in stores and homes everywhere. It becomes a victim of its own success, and we tire of it as its novelty is lost due to overexposure. And so the cycle repeats itself with the next fad. The trick is to recognise what is fad or what is not. How? You can use the next four tips to determine if something is a fad or not.

Look to the past

Take out the guesswork; simply look around to see what has stood the test of time and what hasn’t. For example the ‘Modernist’ movement/ architectural style started in the 1920’s and still exists today. Other styles have since come and gone. Take elements and features you like from other older examples, so you know they will last.

Keep it simple

All designs that have stood the test of time such as modernism or art deco, have done so due to a common theme: simple and elegant lines and shapes. The more you add the more you put into the mix that can date.

Be restrained with colour

The popularity of colours change over time, think of the 70’s then the 80’s and I bet you can immediately imagine or remember what colours defined each of those eras. This is what we want to avoid, pinning our building down to its era. The picture below: good for a laugh but not a good way to spend your mornings.

There is an exception: black, greys and white are always ‘in’ -throughout time these tones have never dated. Use strong colours sparingly to make bold statements here and there, but don’t define a whole space by them as they will date.

Remember also that colour will be further introduced through soft furnishings, rugs, artworks and furniture. These are far cheaper to replace than needing to rip out tiles, basins, window frames, and having to repaint an entire house.

Choose the right materials

Timber has featured in buildings for centuries; it has proven itself as timeless. The same cannot be said of cork flooring from the 70’s. However, the key to a materials success is the way it’s used. Timber kitchens were big in the 90’s and now may be considered dated, but timber floors and weatherboard cladding has been used for centuries and is still sought after. Stick to the material and applications that still look good today and have done so throughout time.

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