Green building

In recent years there has been a shift towards
environmentally friendly homes; whether it be
building a new home or updating an existing
one, more and more people are moving towards
building methods, materials and technologies
that have minimal environmental impact.

The reasoning for this is clear:

-Healthier & More Comfortable Living Conditions

- Lower Running Costs

- Longer Lasting, More Durable Housing

- Potential for Improved Resale Value

- To Make a Difference.

At Waterfront Homes we can help you plan and build a beautiful ‘green’ home –
from smaller changes such as water tanks and lighting to cross flow ventilation
and the selection of materials with a lower environmental impact.

To download a list of useful Green resources and companies, click here

To download the Green building Checklist, click here


Waterfront Homes is a registered Master Builders Green Builder

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